AlpiNN Food Space & Restaurant

AlpiNN - Food Space & Restaurant isn't your typical mountain refuge. It was born in the top station of the former cable car as a redevelopment project in 2018, built upon a distinct concept: to offer a sustainable experience that starts with the cuisine and embraces architecture, design, innovation, and communication while respecting the environment.


Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler *** *

In the 19th-century Villa Moessmer, the Cook the Mountain philosophy of Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler finds the perfect setting to flourish. Locality, seasonality, and respect are elevated to unprecedented levels. The immersive gastronomic experience is led by a young team, forming a true talent factory.


Ca' Apollonio Heritage - Bistrot & Gourmet

The exclusive hospitality project follows the "CasaClima R" and "CasaClima Hotel" protocols. At the foot of the Grappa Massif are 18 hectares of protected green space, an organic farm and two gastronomic experiences: the refined Gourmet Restaurant and the convivial Bistrot. The wine list contains the World's largest selection of "zero-chemistry" PIWI.



In the heart of Milan, time is not marked by clocks but by nature: situated on the rooftop of The Medelan, the restaurant follows the philosophy of Ethical Time. All suppliers of the raw materials used by the restaurant are located within an hour's drive from the Lombard capital, greatly benefiting the environment.


Il Corso Santo Gabriele

Just steps away from the center of Bolzano, the award-winning pizza laboratory Il Corso churns out pizzas of the highest quality. Among the secrets of success of this family-run business, stands out the meticulous search for genuine raw materials, mostly sourced locally with a short and controlled supply chain, including the first South Tyrolean buffalo mozzarella.