Care's Ethical Restaurant

The first international certification for sustainable restaurants

Do you want to certify your environmental sustainable commitment, the economic and social impact of your restaurant? Are you interested in knowing whether your behaviour is really ethical?

CER is the first assessment that guarantees conformity, credibility and reliability with the issuing of an internationally recognised certificate. Together we will check your structure according to measurable and recognised standards.


Why certify your restaurant's commitment?

Sustainability in gastronomy has become a trend and it is increasingly difficult to distinguish it from greenwashing or 'green window dressing'.

From the collaboration between Mo-Food, the holding company of Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, and Vireo® , a certification company operating worldwide, rises CER - CARE's Ethical Restaurant. The ideal tool to counter these phenomena.

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Our goals

With CER we aspire to create a community of internationally certified ethical restaurants and raise awareness in promoting sustainable and credible practices in the gastronomy world.


Create an internationally recognized and esteemed network.


Inspire change recognizing catering sustainability at 360°.


Demonstrate that sustainability in the catering field can be evaluated.


Give visibility to all restaurants that perform concrete sustainable choices.


Overcome the reductive concept linking restaurant sustainability only to food supply.

CER Standards

To obtain the certificate, your restaurant will have to satisfy the 29 mandatory requirements divided into the following seven categories. The 42 optional requirements will allow you to climb the final ranking.

Working conditions


Menu design





Three levels of certification

Based on the score obtained, each restaurant
earns a place in the general classification.


Are you interested in undergoing the certification process?

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